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Having worked with Coho Digital on the rebrand of my identity I have learnt so much! I am just so blown away by the whole branding process, it is so much more than we realise!

Having created a lot of my own work in canva and absolutely loving the process of doing that I found it really hard to just let go and let someone else take the reins to create my Rebecca Lockwood brand identity. I knew the time had come and I had recently come into contact with Cat Archer Underwood at Coho Digital, who I could tell from looking at her work is a complete professional and storyteller.

As an entrepreneur and a bit of a control freak if I must admit, letting go and handing over to a brand specialist was a really tough decision. I just knew that at some point or another, I HAD to do it, because, essentially I am a coach, a mentor and a dreamer. I am not a branding agency! The time had come..

I am so glad I left it to the experts at Coho, because not only what has come out of it is astoundingly amazing, it is completely unforgettable, which is exactly how I want the women to feel when they come into contact with me. If this doesn’t scream MASSIVE ACTION I don’t know what does… What I really misunderstood was that branding is just about a logo. When in fact it is so, so much more than that! It is a story, a message, a feeling, a thought. It is my story, the way I make people feel when they see me, when they catch a glimpse of me and what I do. That is what Coho does, they tell your story.

A logo is so much more than I realised, in fact, Coho Digital went through the full rebranding process based on me, my story, my vision and how I wanted my community to feel from coming into contact with me and working alongside me in my 1:1 programs and also on the membership.

Thinking to myself in my head ‘just a logo’ now makes me giggle a little and feel VERY naive. Coho took me through a journey, lead me down my very own branding path to my own destination. The most important thing to me was that it was authentic, being one of my biggest values and I think that’s why it was so hard to let go and let her take over.

Having a weekly update and strategy call with Cat each week just made that process run so seamlessly and the brand actually couldn’t possibly be any more authentically me! It looks even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!


Cat held my hand the full way, from brand consulting, which was a full VIP day in a manor house hotel! I actually felt like a superstar. She took such good care of me and made me feel as though everything was in the right hands.

The colour phycology process was so intriguing. I literally thought she would just ask me my favourite colours and be done with it! Ha – I was in for a treat!

Cat took me through a process that distinguished my season based on the words I use and the way I want to make the women feel who come into contact with me, and through that formed the colours and the path that lead the way. Brand voice guidance was something I didn’t even realise existed!

On our VIP day, Cat made so many notes, which I hadn’t really paid much attention to. I was so caught up in myself and the story of my life she brought out of me that at the end of the day when she explained what I had been telling her throughout the day and how that transpired to my ‘brand voice’ and the language I should use I was gobsmacked. It was completely on point she seemed to know me! It really felt as though we had been childhood friends!

At this point, I still didn’t realise what went into the logo and what went into creating it. A few weeks in I must admit I was really really excited about getting some versions. I am going to be completely honest here and be open. I didn’t like it. She revealed to me the pattern that had been created by the team and I was in shock. I really didn’t know what to expect before seeing it, but I do know it wasn’t what had been presented to me.

Cat began to explain to me how it had been created….. and my whole perception shifted! The pattern wasn’t as it appeared, she explained the phycology behind it and how it was created.

The Coho team had taken water and food colouring and dropped it into creating ripples. The reason for this was to create movement in an image. My highest value is of growth, of development and of moving forward and I couldn’t think of a better way to spread this message than with what had been created here by Coho. It is GENIUS!

It did take a few days for me to fall in love with it, but when I did. I became fixated. The patterns and textures which lifts my whole identity and brings it all to life, the illustrations and lettering which have actually been hand drawn!

I have full guidance on typography, which has always been something I’ve shifted around with. Having something to abide by and stick with will be sure to make me stand out from the crowd. And is such a help in everything I do going forward, including the messaging on my website, my social presence and how to speak to people!

One of the most important things to me is showing gratitude. And so the thank you cards Cat suggested we create lit me up and was such a beautiful touch to the whole process. The full project management that goes into creating a brand and the identity is so much more than we realise.

It is an art, it is a talent, it is beauty and I feel Coho did this with ease and with such precision I barely needed to have a say in what was done – yes me, the control freak who struggles to outsource and let things go!

Having it all handed to me in my brand style book at the end of the 8 weeks for ongoing guidance and consistency makes me feel as though Cat and Coho Digital are there holding my hand along the way of my life and my journey that has not yet been written, even after the branding process has ended.

It has been a journey I will never forget, and mainly because Cat is so warm, down to earth and just seems to make so much more sense of my story and message than even I can. Coho are clearly the best at what they do, and I would recommend anyone who is ready to up-level their branding and their presence invest in the process.


We have an amazing masterclass on the blog with Cat where she talks us through the step by step process of what you need to think about when beginning to think about your brand and where you are visioning your business! You can check it out by clicking here.


Cat also has a masterclass available to hold your hand in the process of your brand creation. You can find out more by clicking here. 


I cannot Thank you enough Cat and the team at Coho Digital. You can find out more from Cat and the team at and email the team at

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