Inspiring Interview with Lynsay Gould Female Entrepreneur

Lynsay Gould is a Career & Success Coach who works with women who are ready to find the path they have been searching for.


Working in the corporate world can be such an unfulfilling place and we discuss the experiences we both had and how we came to grow the businesses we have now.


We talk through getting intentional on your dream life and the steps you can take to manifest with both feelings and action to create the life you desire!

Listen to the interveiw on the podcast here.

There are some super juicy treats throughout so take notes!


As discussed in the podcast here is the link to your free 30 day trial on Audible!


So you have no excuse but to download the books we talked about!




Watch the interview and if you enjoy it, share it with your friends.


You can find more from Lynsay in her group by clicking here





Rebecca & Lynsay x


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