How do I stay consistent in my business?

How to stay consistent in your business is a question I get asked all the time! It really does depend on what is meant by consistent here. Personally, I think of showing up through our marketing and messages when this question is asked and so that is how I am going to answer it! I remember one of my lovely 1:1 clients telling me that she couldn’t possibly follow the business dream that she truly wanted as she just didn’t want to show up ‘live’ each day and have to be active daily. This made me so sad, not only because she felt she couldn’t show up each day, (which is absolutely fine in my book BTW, I don’t want to bloody show up each day…jeeezz…I didn’t start my business so that I had to be on tap 24/7, nor did I start it to work all hours god sends…and I am sure you didn’t either) but because she felt she needed to for the business to be a success. I feel that so many women have this perception, especially since it has become so easy to directly contact people through to mobile which we ALWAYS seem to have on us….BUT it really DOES NOT have to be that way. Facebook Live is a great way to engage our audience, and facebook messenger is a superb and easy way for our clients to contact us, but we do not need to do a live each day if we don’t want to – and we certainly don’t need to be on facebook tap 24/7 either. Turn the bloody notifications off – Thing is, it is easy for us to use facebook messenger as a way of communicating with the people we work with for business purposes. Although take into consideration that just because we may send a message to our web support at 11 pm at night before we log off (if we are working that late) it certainly does NOT mean we are expecting a reply at that time, nor at 9 am the next morning. So don’t feel you have to respond straight away just because it has come through to your phone straight away.

Personally, I don’t think showing up each day has to mean going live on Facebook or actually doing anything. I did fall into this trap myself in the beginning, feeling as though I was draining myself because I did try to go live each day to be there for my audience, which did grow my tribe fast, but when I slowed it down and put in the automation the audience building didn’t slow down with it! There are so many tools we can implement into our businesses that can automate the process for you and make ‘showing up’ and being consistent in your business each day easy and effortless!

Anything to make life easier right!?

I will talk you through the steps I take to automate my marketing and consistency which means that I don’t have to actually be spending time doing it, my systems take care of the business for me! And, I have added a few little tit bits here and there where I feel needed.


Please note that If you do decide to purchase through some of these links I may receive an affiliate commission. I would recommend these products either way because they make my life so much easier and I know they will be super helpful for you too!

Here are a few of my tips and tricks for showing up each day and being consistent:

  1. Bulk create your marketing content and schedule that bad boy! Using a tool like recur post we can create banks of content that will automatically repost once the content has ran out. This is by far my favourite tool and I know that you will love it too. You can sign up to recur post here:
  2. Put your notifications on mute across social media – you do not need to check social media at all times of the day to be ‘showing up’. You need to have boundaries for yourself to ensure that you really ARE showing up for the tasks that you are doing at any moment in time or to be present with the person you are spending time with. Mute them, you can mute facebook messages too, which is something that I have recently done which has felt VERY empowering! – I highly recommend it! For my 1:1 clients to have direct access to me (which I feel is a must I use Slack Messanger, you can sign up to slack here –
  3. Always ask your audience questions. The reason I am writing this post is because I have had so many women ask me. The reason I have had so many women ask me is because I always ask them what they want! This has been the key to my success, consistently asking questions and being curious to find out what my audience wants from me. There are a few different ways you can do this, the easiest I find is just simply asking questions on the request to join your facebook group and documenting this on a spreadsheet in google drive. If you don’t have a facebook group you can search keywords in other groups that hold your target audience and see what kind of questions people are asking to give you an idea of the content they want to see. You can then create what your target audience are asking for and send it over to recur post to reschedule for you and do all the hard work! Poof! Consistency at it’s finest – not only are you providing people with what they want, but you are then putting it in front of them with very little time and effort on your part!
  4. Using the same idea as above you can also create video’s providing value to your audience answering the questions they are asking, you can batch create these and then again, schedule them out onto Recur Post to post for you. See, I told you, you do not need to do facebook Live each day, I do recommend doing them often, but if you really do feel you want to be putting out video content, then prerecord your value and send it out on your social media scheduler! You can also repurpose your facebook lives. See my ‘how to download your facebook live’ blog here – click to read

Are there any other tips that I have not added here that you would? What do you do each day/week to ensure you are consistent in your business and you put out amazing marketing to keep your audience engaged? Do you have some tips that I have not shared? Share with us below in the comments, I would love to hear how you make your business work!

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