How do I grow my online presence without a budget?

How do I grow my online presence without a budget, and how do you consistently attract your dream clients on autopilot!

Every tom & happy seem to be doing Facebook ads these days. And everyone seems to think that they have to be doing them to see results. I’ve heard far too often people telling me they cannot move forward in business because they don’t have any money to spend on ads. The truth is, you don’t have to do ads to be able to build an audience, and you don’t need to have loads of cash either! There are so many free resources available and things that really don’t break the bank that can help you grow your online presence pretty quickly. I also believe that so many people fall into the trap of thinking they have to grow a humongous audience to be able to actually make any money, and then get caught into the trap of needing more & more when actually the focus should be on providing value for the community you already have in your audience and supporting them with what they need!
Here are a few things I do to help grow my online presence.
1. VALUE VALUE VALUE – Everything you do in your business should be solving the problem your community have. You Give them what they ask for, what are they asking for support with. If you’ve been following me a while and read any of my content you’ll know that I talk about this a lot, and the reason is because it’s the most important thing of all! If you don’t know what your audience want then how can you create valuable content. Blogs, video or podcast. If you are putting our content that is useful and valuable people will talk about it and share it which will organically grow your audience. So ask them, consistently what they want. I do this in a few different ways, firstly I asked questions upon joining my Facebook community, I also do a survey monkey questionnaire about once every 3 months minimum. You can also search the keywords you use in your business within very active facebook groups and see what your dream clients are asking for support with and create value based on this. And I am always, always asking for feedback and testimonials. When you are putting out content that people really want to see they will gravitate towards you and love being a part of your tribe!

2. BE CONSISTENT – (Related Post – How to stay consistent in your business) When you are creating value-based content you can use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or recur post which both have free options for you. They don’t cost you a dime! Personally, I love recur post as it continues to post your cogent out for you when it runs out. It makes it easy for you to show up for your audience as the content you are creating is constantly sending out across your social media channels so you don’t have to think about it.

3. GO LIVE / DO VIDEO – (Related Post – How to download your facebook Live Video) People love the human connection of you actually ‘showing up’ it doesn’t always have to be live, although I do recommend going live at least every few weeks to give people more of an idea of who you are and what you are about. It’s all about the know, like and trust factor. It doesn’t cost you anything to do a live and facebook love video so it shows it to more people. You can then download your video and add it to Youtube or embed into a blog, your newsletter or anywhere on your website. In the past I have gone Live for masterclasses and then taken them down afterwards and packaged them into an online course or freebie.

4. DELIGHT –  There is a fine line between how much you should give away for free, and when you should start charging for your services. There are ways though you can delight your community continuously which gives support and value which don’t make you feel as though you are just giving everything away. You can do this through a content marketing strategy. You want to be positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field, and the best way to do that is to be giving high-value content away. Ways I do this are through blogging, live video, emails you can also use youtube, and Pinterest using keywords to give value based blogs!

5. AUTORESPONDERS ON EMAILS – You can set up with MailChimp as an email provider for free. You’ll have to check the t’s & c’s on how many email subscribers they cap it at but you can start with n0 budget. MailChimp recently added automation emails for free too, something which could be really valuable to your audience is giving something away for free that would help solve a problem they have, directing them to your email list and then following up with a series of emails to introduce yourself, your business and your offering to support to solve the problem that they have. This will build up your engagement with your audience which will lead them to talk about you. You can then also direct them to your social media channels or somewhere else you are wanting them to connect with you.

6. FACEBOOK GROUPS – OMG, My facebook group has been a game changer for me! (Related Training – You can join the free build your community masterclass here.) When I first launched the membership I think all of the women were from the free facebook group. It is somewhere I always drive the funnel to because you can build your community there and continuously post the blogs, videos and content you are creating that is valuable to your audience. There have been a lot of large groups closing recently and I admit, I did close mine in 2017 as I felt it was a lot of work, however, I then had nowhere to post my value expect my emails where it was getting seen. And so I reopened it and it has gone from strength to strength. Facebook groups are showing up more than anything in the Facebook newsfeeds so It is defo a winner. Check out the Grow your Online Community masterclass where I share how I grew my facebook group and kept my engagement up up up! Check it out here.

Not all things work well for everyone and so keep measuring your activity and learn what works for you and what works for your audience and for yourself. Be open to changing your approach whenever necessary and be fluid, social media and marketing is always changing and so it’s good to keep on top of the game.

Overall the most important thing is being consistent. Consistency is key with building an audience. It’s marketing at its finest, so really work on providing valuable content and then sharing that valuable content across your marketing platforms and website.
You really don’t have to spend money on ads to see your community grow! What other things do you do that have grown your community without spending money in your business? I would love to hear, give us a comment below and let me know if there is something else you would do.

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