#AskRebecca – How do I get into the right mindset every day?

This is something that comes up ALL THE TIME and so I thought I would tackle it head on today!

“How do I get into the right mindset every day?”

 It is not always easy to stay motivated to take action in your business every day, and some days we may feel as though we just want to stay in bed!

BUT, by sticking to this routine, it will help not only with your mindset but also with your motivation to take action!

I love to call this Motivation for Success!

Follow this action daily even when you don’t feel like it and you will find yourself motivated each and every day,

1. Write down your goals

If you don’t have any goals then this is a major factor in why you don’t already feel motivated! So begin to set yourself goals straight away.

If you do set goals then fantastic, start writing them down each and every day, get yourself a dedicated journal and write them down as if you have already achieved them.

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2. Journal

Once you have wrote down your goals I want you to think about any negative thoughts that came up when you were writing them down – any limiting beliefs. If you think of any write them down and write down why you can achieve them now and what action you can start to take straight away to making them happen.

3. Visualise

Visualisation is so powerful! Sending the message out to the universe that you are ready to achieve your success! Visualise your goals as if you have already achieved them and allow the feelings of success, celebration and accomplishment come up as you do. Do this for each of your goals and then start your day.

This guided meditation by Tony Robbins is amazing for talking you through the visualisation process.

This is also an amazing routine to follow if you ever start feeling unmotivated or as though you have a lack of direction throughout your day.

Round up:

1. Write down your goals

2. Journal

3. Visualize

Remember, you’ve got this!

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 Have an amazing day!

Rebecca x


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