Grow your email list with the perfect freebie

Everyone tells you that freebies are a way to attract people to your email list.
And everyone says your money is in your mailing list!!
So surely it makes sense to put together the most irresistible, amazing, beautiful freebies possible to get your dream clients consistently coming your way! And then buying from you. Obviously!
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So firstly, you may even be wondering – what is a ‘freebie’
A freebie is something you give away to your audience via email so the process goes a little like this;
1. Create a freebie to attract your dream clients
2. You post that freebie on social media
3. Create your lead page with a sign-up form to your email list
4. Send an email directing them to your freebie
5. You continue to build a relationship via email
Here’s my guide on how to put together your freebies & how to know what’s going to keep them coming back for more.
Step 1:
Survey your audience All the time! – if you’ve read my content you’ll know that I start with this or something similar in everything that I do! The reason being, because when we consistently ask our audience questions, we will always know what they want, need & what they are looking for! Using a tool like survey monkey you can send out surveys & document the results to check back when you are looking for ideas. You can also ask people on joining your Facebook community if you have a group – check out my free masterclass on creating your online community. 

Step 2:

When you’ve asked the questions you can begin to craft your freebie using the same language your dream clients are using, looking for keywords in the responses they give you – what are they asking for?

Here are a few ideas of what kind of thing to create:

You can use tools such as Creative market to find beautiful graphics, they do a few weekly free offers which are usually pretty amazing, you can check them out here. You can also find Unsplash for royalty free images & Canva for creating images & beautiful graphics & workbooks.

Once you have your beautiful freebie your gonna need somewhere to house it, so somewhere like Dropbox, TeachableAmazon or google drive works perfectly! Personally, I use Dropbox & teachable which works a treat! I will do a blog soon on how I use teachable so sign up here as a HST Insider to get that as soon as it’s posted!

I love using  Teachable because it is so simple to turn your freebies into short online courses and then add more in-depth online courses as you go! You can even do it all with their free option! I LOVE it and if you are thinking of creating online courses for your business I know you will too!

Step 3:

We then want to start driving traffic to our freebie. There are so many ways to do this, in the course game plan 101 there is a full workbook on marketing & sales & mapping out your funnel. You can use something like lead pages which I absolutely adore!! It is so simple and easy to use and hardly costs anything!

After you’ve driven traffic to your lead page, which has lead them to sign up to your email list you then need to send them the freebie!

I use mail chimp which is the easiest & straightforward email software there is! I highly recommend it for anyone starting out in business. You can find it here.
So to round up,
  1. Survey your audience
  2. Create your freebie, using tools such as creative market, canva, Unsplash
  3. Store your freebie available to download somewhere like Dropbox / Teachable
  4. Start driving traffic to your freebie by using leadpages, find more info ino game plan 101 to help you Map out your process 
  5. Using MailChimp or an alternative mailing software, send your sign-ups the freebie
Make sure to let us know in the comments how you get on creating your freebie!
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