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With all this talk recently about facebooks algorithm changing and whos gonna see what I thought this post on how to grow your facebook group would be super helpful right now! People seem to be having a bit of a ‘shitting themselves’ moment….I have noticed a few business owners panicking over what content is actually going to be shown to your audience. Personally, I didn’t take much notice, as the reach for my facebook page is pretty low anyway, (that’s gonna be my next hack, so watch out for the blogs!) and I suggest to the women who do head over to the page to like and ‘see first’ which you can do on the page when you go to a page and like it. If you don’t already use that feature then I highly recommend it! It gives you the option to see 10 people or pages first in your newsfeed before anything else! So if there is content from people you are just not seeing and would really love to, then this is how you can do that.

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Putting that aside, because this post really is for building an online Facebook group. Here are the steps I took to grow my group by hundreds in less than a month! I fall in and out of love with my group all the time, because I do offer tons and tons of value and support in there and it can take up a bit of time if not done strategically. I did actually close my group at one point and then I realised how much I was actually getting from it! I got stuck in a bit of a rut with it feeling as though I was just giving away too much and spending far too much time on it. I learnt that I hadn’t actually got myself clear on the reason for the group, yes I knew that I wanted clients, and to build a community, but it is important to get even clearer than that so you know if your time is well spent! You also want to be ensuring that you are not just funnelling people into your facebook group and missing your email list! We will talk about that a bit further down in the post.

There are a few reasons I reopened my group. Facebook actually favours groups in the algorithm over your page, haven’t you noticed that you see stuff all the time from groups but not from pages?! It is also an amazing place to collect customer research so you know what content to create in the first place and there is nowhere else to build a free community quite like it. I even create all my paid content based on what the people are saying in the free group!

Make sure you take people from your email list to your group rather than the other way around! There are a few ways you can do this,


  • Direct people to your email sign up form before sending them to your group. Don’t just send them your group URL


  • Have a p.s section in your emails if you have not already been doing this to invite people to join your group.


Join The Network Facebook group

Get your free 3 part video series on how to grow your Facebook community 

As you can see from the images, I decided to stop allowing people into the group each day and start scheduling allocated time in my diary to check up on the group, post live and engage with the people in the community.

So what are the specific things you can do to grow your community? There is nothing worse is there than reading these posts that tell you all about what amazing results and then they don’t actually give you the nitty-gritting details behind it that you can implement! It is so frustrating and one of my biggest bug bears!

How to grow your facebook group & email list at the same time... Click To Tweet

Let’s dive in…


Know who you want in your group!

Get super clear on who you want hanging around, who is going to get value from what you are creating and who is going to then engage, click and buy? All of my website traffic comes from my facebook group right now so I know that even if people don’t comment on my posts in the group they are still engaging and clicking through. I recommend making sure your google analytics are set up and checking them daily to see what is working and what you can improve on.

In the 3 part grow your community series, there is a section just on understanding your client and so much more on where to find the people and where you can position yourself in the direct flow of traffic.

Get your free 3 part video series on how to grow your Facebook community 


Get super clear on what you want the outcome to be from your group

Are you wanting people to click through to your website, see you as the expert, engage and comment on your posts, see you as valuable and want to buy… you need to know specifically what you want the outcome to be and so you can measure and spend your time accordingly on the activities that matter. Your group needs to be a part of your marketing and funnel strategy so have this clear and then you will know if it is working for you or not! When I first started my group it really was about just growing a community and having a safe place for the women to share thier journey, and yes this is important. However, you need to feed ya families too! So make it work for you, and make sure you are funnelling people through to the outcome you want for your business.



Create a freebie that will attract the people you want in the group 

Create your freebie that will be irresistible to your dream clients. Put it everywhere as you normally would and then funnel the people to your group. You can do this in your follow up email sequence or you can do it directly from the download. If you are wondering how to do that then I recommend using a tool such as lead pages. You can specify where you want to direct people after they have signed up for your freebie, I direct them to the group. You can find out more about Leadpages by clicking here. 

To be a bit more specific on the ‘put your freebie everywhere as you normally would’ here are just a few places you can promote it:

  • In facebook group threads that are promo related. You can join our community here and post in ours on a Wednesday.
  • Sign up to LinkTree and use this for multiple freebies! Link Tree is an amazing tool that takes people to a page when they click on a link which gives them different options on where to go next. Click here to check out Link Tree (the free version does everything it needs to for me)


  • On your facebook page ‘Learn More’ button.
  • On your facebook profile, you can have a call to action, I have done this by adding an image and putting it as a featured album with just one image in it.

  • Add in your links on your personal profile to direct people to your freebie
  • To do that, click edit & then scroll down to this section:


  • Have a welcome gate on your website home page so that people have to sign up to your email upon accessing your blogs and value
  • Have a pop up on your website
  • Use sharing tools such as SUMO
  • Have content upgrades in your blog posts like the ones providing more value throughout this post


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Get your free 3 part video series on how to grow your Facebook community 


So, what about the content you are putting in the group that will keep your members engaged and coming back for more?

When people join your group you can ask them a set of questions.



Click on the edit group settings and scroll down to ‘membership requests’ until you get to:


You want to be asking questions that are specific to what the outcome is for the group. for Example, My group is to drive traffic to my website and position me as the expert. So I ask the following questions:

  • What is your email address & shall we add you to the free resources emails? (just in case they found me somewhere else, as I have found a lot coming from facebooks recommendations!)
  • What’s your biggest challenge at the moment & if I could help you with one thing, what would that be?
  • Where did you find the group

I ask these questions because they serve my purpose. The email question grows my email list and makes sure they are being captured. The challenge question gives me what they are looking for and how I can help them and the last question tells me what has been working for my marketing and where people are finding me!

Once people are in your group

So, once they are in there you want to provide a place where people feel they can reach out for support with what they are looking for help with and give them what they are asking for.

Have daily threads that will keep people engaged and commenting that is relevant for what they need and what they are asking for. Have a set of questions you can ask ongoing to ensure you are keeping the engagement up and are providing what people are needing help with. You can use a tool like Recur Post to schedule all of these things into your group and so once your content is created it barely takes up anytime at all. Click here to check out Recur Post, the free option allows you to set up 3 social media accounts and it works a dream! You can also find my post on how to stay consistent in your business which may help here. Within that post I talk about how I set up my marketing including the posts in my group to save you time and avoid burn out.

To go into even more depth check out the video training and free workbook series by clicking here.

Has this been helpful? I would love to know, please do let me know in the comments and if you need any more support reach out to me in our Facebook community!

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