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Hey lovely, it is so great to see you over here. In case you don’t know me, I am Rebecca Lockwood. Motivational Success Coach and founder of Her Success Tribe. I followed the steps that I talk you through in this checklist and my life and business transformed in a way I sometimes still have to pinch myself about! Within just a few short months I had taken myself from broke, living with family, in a boring 9-5 to living in my dream apartment, working with amazing women across the world, booked out my 1:1 coaching practice and appeared in Huffington Post, the #1 best selling book she made it happen and so much more!

I am just going to jump straight in here and get right down to it. I’m very much a straight to the point kind of person, and like to give you all the valuable information as quickly as possible! I  believe that we need to provide as much value as quickly as possible!

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Far too often in business, I see people setting up and not succeeding. People come to me all of the time with frustrations that the business is not working and they just have no idea why. When we dig a little deeper they uncover that they are not attracting the kinds of clients that they want or none at all, and they are not seeing the return on investment in their business. Things overall are not going in the direction they want to go in and they have stopped even setting goals because they never achieve them…. I feel the pain! How frustrating must that be… I have been there in the past and there really is nothing worse. For me, goals and planning are the fundamentals to making my business a success. Without these steps, no business will work. There HAS to be a plan in place and some skin in the game. We have to get 100% clear on the plan moving forward and what outcome we are wanting to see from our business. Without this what are you even working towards?!

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I have set out here a few things that have been key in my business and in my client’s success. Whilst working with Lindsay and working through these steps consistently she launched her 1:1 coaching business. She began booking clients immediately, with an almost 100% success rate with her discovery calls! Diane who owns a florist realised that she wanted to work higher-end clients and began pursuing larger contracts with hotels and wedding venues. She raised her standard, got intentional and secured some PR & media coverage in just a few weeks! What can you achieve when you raise your standard and put a clear strategy together to start making it happen….Here is my step by step guide. You can also download the checklist here.

1. Raise your standard

You have to be clear on what you want and how you are going to make it happen. If things haven’t been working with what you are doing there is a reason. Measure your progress, learn and adapt as and when you must! This is an ongoing process that should NEVER end!

2. Get clear on who your dream client is

You must know who it is you are attracting and who specifically they are! I hear so many people saying to me “Everyone is my ideal client” – it just makes me cringe! Sorry, but everyone is NEVER your client. I don’t think there is one product that EVERYONE in the world has! – not even a toothbrush…think about it, there are so many different brands of toothbrush so obviously, not everyone has the same one!

3. Put together your marketing & sales strategy

Once you are clear on who your ideal client is you can then position yourself in the flow of traffic. Where are they already hanging out!? You can use something like recur post for your social media scheduling to keep it consistent and lead pages to take them to your opt-in email list. I have some amazing tools for figuring this out that I dig a lot deeper into in the game plan course series. You can access that by clicking here and downloading the checklist.

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4. Work on your mindset

You must believe that what you want to achieve is possible. If you want to hit 5k months but don’t believe it is possible then you may as well just give up now. Save yourself the hassle – you HAVE to will yourself into a space where you KNOW with every inch of your being that it is possible. And you WILL make it happen! You can read books, listen to motivational playlists. There is never an excuse to not having time as you can even get audible on a 30-day free trial and listen to books in the car! You can access our 30-day free trial here.

5. Be Persistent & consistent

You MUST keep the momentum up at all times, keep that end goal in sight. There is no stopping and starting, you just need to keep going in the right direction and keep yourself motivated! If you need any support in keeping motivated head over to our motivation vault where you can find motivation on tap whenever you need it! Click here to access!

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To Recap

  1. Raise your standard
  2. Get clear on who your dream client is
  3. Put together your marketing and sales strategy
  4. Work on your mindset
  5. Be Persistent and consistent

If you follow these steps then you will succeed, you must commit to yourself that it is possible and change and adapt as you need to. Business is forever growing and evolving! If you’d like to access the checklist and download it click here, you can also find the full game plan course on how to break down each of these steps fully and truly make it a success for you in your business. I hope you found this useful, and if you did, feel free to share us with your community! I would really appreciate that! 🙂

Is there anything else that you would add to your strategy?!

Tell us in the comments!

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