Create your brand identity Interview with Cat @Coho-Digital

I had so much fun today chatting through brand identity and how to create your brand with Cat Archer Underwood from Coho Digital! Cat really knows her stuff and if you caught my last blog about the work we did together you’ll know that I worked with Coho to uplevel my branding and design! If you haven’t read that blog you can find it by clicking here.

Cat starts us off by using a quote from the founder of Amazon, who neither of us could remember the name of but I googled it! Haha.

Jeff Bezos – “Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not around”

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This is so true! Cat talks us through the importance of having a brand and how it is not all about just a logo. It is what connects your business to the rest of the world and the vibe that people pick up from you. The experience, the feelings and what you say.

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“Get the insides right before you start on the outside” – Cat

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So, that made me start to pick apart and question what Cat meant by the insides. Here is the step by step summary of what Cat talks us through. If you prefer the video version which is MUCH meatier and has loads more tips and actionable steps in then check out the video, and you can also catch the podcast version if you are on the go which will be available really soon!

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Find out more about Cat’s Elevate your Brand Masterclass

Starting out:

Think about the energy you are aiming to put out into the world. Put together a style guide which will help you when you are creating all of your other creative pieces alongside your brand such as your social media graphics and your blog headers, Pinterest images ect.

1. Set your intention – What is the outcome you are wanting from going through the process of a rebrand? Where do you want to help take your business? What is the end goal you are looking to achieve?

2. Vision – What do I stand for? How do I want clients to feel? Your brand should help you reel in your dream and help you to develop and grow. Position yourself and brand to where you want to go to allow you to step up to the success. Cat explains that it should feel like a bit of a stretch, but that is completely normal, you want to be up levelling through the branding process.

3. Values & Mission – The vibes you are giving off in the world, embrace the person you want to become. What are your values? What are the things that you want to see in your dream clients? What do you stand for and what would your clients stand for?

Subscribe to the podcast to get the audio version once released.

You cannot always see yourself clearly, I love how Cat explains to us that working with a brand stylist extracts from you what you want and how to convey that to your audience and make them feel the way you want them to feel.

You should see branding as a way to better yourself, to help you achieve your goals.

Cat says “Mother nature didn’t borrow, it just works. So use the same principles”  – wow! Thank you Cat for being so amazing and for giving away all your best kept secrets! You can also find Cat on Instagram by clicking here.

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You can find out more from Cat at & you can find all about her masterclass by clicking here.


Find out more about Cat’s Elevate your Brand Masterclass


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