Why you will LOVE Ella Iconic


Ella Iconic are a luxury UK stationery brand with a purpose, – to inspire you to plan & chase your dreams all the while using beautiful & effective stationery products.

Our flagship product is CEO OF MY OWN LIFE® Planner which sole purpose is to enable you to effectively plan for every aspect of your busy life: business | home | health | you in order to be organised, focused and happy. We also design and/or source other beautiful pieces, such as notepads, pens and paperclips. We believe in quality, great customer service and being CEOs of our own lives.

When you land on the home page of Ella Iconic it is so clear how well put together they are and what their mission is! I am actually in love with the planners and need to order myself another one as I gave the one I bought myself as a Christmas gift! It was hard to part with it, but I knew it was in safe hands with my little sister!

Not only is the diary range stunning and classic, by the stationary range is amazing too!

With beautiful feather pens and rose gold binders to keep your shit together, they really are completely on point! I mean – who doesn’t want a feather pen when you are a female boss!


Their stunning jewellery and bracelets just hit the tip of the ice burg for me, and for anyone who knows me, you won’t be surprised why!

I am such a fan girl!

How do you plan your diary and how do you decide which planner to go with each year?

The Ella Iconic has some amazing beautiful quotes inside which are so dreamy and motivating for the female entrepreneur which is my middle name!

You can check out the full range and the whole planner by going to their website here.


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