Automate your business in 5 easy steps


There are so many parts of our business that can be automated to make our lives easier. Depending on what your business obviously depends on what the specific tasks are. I love to save time, and I love to make things as easy as possible for myself, anything for an easy life! Today I’m going to talk you through the things that I automate in my business and how you can do too, obviously your business may look a bit different to mine, so you can always take bits and bobs for what’s relevant and what can be adapted to suit you.

There are some affiliate links within this post, which may mean if you decide to use any of these products I may recieve a small commission. Please do take into consideration that I only ever reccommned what I use myslef and what makes my life easier!

1. Emails:

I use MailChimp for my emails.
When someone signs up to my mailing list they begin to get a series of emails welcoming them in & into my community. The first email is typically a welcome, about me, what to expect from being on my mailing list and where else they can find me and value from me. You can automate the whole process using a really easy tool like MailChimp and set up autoresponders. I go into autoresponders and the kinds of things you can talk to your audience about in much more depth in the Game Plan 101 Course, which you can find by clicking here.

2. Growing my Facebook group:

That leads me nicely to my community. At the very beginning, I would spend so much time sending people messages to connect and invite them into my community. The plus to this was that I got to know them on a much more personal level, which was much better for relationship building and the conversion rates to clients were much higher, however, the time it takes to do this is crazy and so I highly recommend automating it ASAP. You don’t have to do it through Facebook ads either (I personally haven’t used Facebook ads yet properly to grow my community to almost 2k but at some point, I will) there are a number of ways I do this, just by placing call to actions in strategic places,

  • In all of your emails add a ‘join the community’ option.
  • Add it to your freebies.
  • On any of your sign-ups, redirect to your Facebook group after signing up

3. Lead pages:

Lead pages make email list building easy and simple. Placed in the right places with the right copy on you can grow your email list and your community effortlessly. A few places you can add your sign up boxes to are,

  • Facebook Find out more button
  • Website banner at the top of the page using the hello bar plug in
  • Instagram bio link
  • Pinterest bio link
  • In the sidebar of your website
  • Lead pages allow you to have the function of a pop up on your website
  • Welcome gate to your website

4. Diary Management – 10to8

10to8 is one of my favourite tools ever! When having appointments they are easily added to the diary management system. 10to8 then automatically adds the emails to your email list, which funnels to my community growth. You can add the call to action in your welcome email to automate this. 10to8 also sends text and email reminders to my appointments without me having to do anything! I have so many people commenting on how professional my diary booking system is! You can also embed your diary booking into your website with a simple piece of coding making it easy to add booking automation!

5. Social media:

Using recur post I create banks of content which I can then schedule using this tool. The most amazing thing about recur post is that once you have created your bank of content it will just continue to reuse your content until you stop it. I bulk create all of my content and then add it to the different banks in Recur Post which then just sends it all out for me! It is so easy and simple to use and saves so much time with social media management!

Is there anything that you automate your business which makes life easier for you? I would love to know in the comments below.

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